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Aftermarket Support

HASCO® is the aftermarket supplier of Hartwell latches and can offer spares and supply chain support.   As the official aftermarket support arm of Hartwell Corporation, HASCO® offers today’s air transport operators and MROs what no other distributor can, immediate off-the-shelf delivery of virtually all commonly used Hartwell latches to any point on the globe.

HASCO® can support your maintenance operations with everything from AOG and JIT requirements to custom global spares provisioning programs that help optimize operations.  

HASCO has partnered with Seal Dynamics for Europe, Middle East, Africa and South American customers and Topcast for Asia customers excluding Japan to distribute all of our parts to customers in these areas.


HASCO® is AS9100D certified and every part we ship meets or exceeds all relevant quality and government standards.

  • 24-hour or less off-the-shelf shipping on most products
  • 24/7/365 AOG support
  • Regional, standard, and wide-body airframe support
  • Rapid product repair (FAR-145 authorized repair station)
  • Customized inventory solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced aftermarket engineering support
  • Value added PMA development
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