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Latch On To Greatness


Hartwell manufactures a wide variety of latches and latch assemblies.  Hartwell’s various latches are qualified to the latest industry standards and are installed on a majority of the commercial aircraft flying today.  We have the knowledge and expertise to find the most innovative, cost effective and durable solution for your application.
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Hook Latches

Features and Benefits: Hook Latches

  • Free travel handle  
  • Handle painted for visibility
  • Adjustable hook or keeper to control preload
  • Over-center locking 
  • Trigger safety lock 
  • Take-up
  • Ultimate hook latch loads from 100 lbs.
  • Low depth penetration 
  • No special tools required (only a screwdriver or hex wrench)

Different Types

Sheet Metal Hook • Adjustable Hook
Single Link • Double Link • locking Hook
Heavy Duty Tool Operated


Flush Handles

Features and Benefits:  Flush Handles

  • Trigger releases handle to operational position 
  • Key lockable
  • Special finishes (primer, polished metal, painted)
  • Pressure sealed
  • Handle and housing are contoured to the aircraft door configuration
  • Pop-out, pull-out and tilt-out models have optional interior handles available 

Different Types

Small L Handle • Large L Handle
Large T Handle • Tilt Out Handle 
D Ring Handle  


Hold Down 

Features and Benefits: Hold Down

  • No alignment required; 360° engagement or disengagement from the hook
  • Latches with conventional NAS 622 Hook
  • Preset clutch controls clamping force within 120 +/- 20 lbs. 
  • Extractor pulls LRU out from the connector a minimum of .50 inches
  • Hinge slot accommodates 3° extraction to prevent damage and 17° insertion for greater stability of the LRU while engaging the connector 
  • Snag proof center shaft is fully enclosed by the easy grip knob during insertion or extraction 
  • Easy grip knob for hand operation 
  • Maximum HHD2 Series Weight is .13 lbs.

Pin Latches

Features and Benefits: Pin Latches

  • Over-center locking 
  • Free travel handles 
  • Angular pin alignment 
  • Optional tool operation

Different Types

  • Narrow Series 
  • Wide Series 
  • Wide and Long 
  • Reversible (Flip-Flop )
  • Tool Operated 
  • Rotary Sealed

Tension Shear

Features and Benefits: Tension Shear

  • The lowest depth penetration and weight of any Tension Latch Trigger safety lock
  • Two-piece handle for easy opening and as a flag for partially closed latches
  • Tension adjustment at mold line with handle open 
  • Attachment fitting provided 
  • Shear loads supported along door abutment 
  • Contoured to the aircraft configuration 
  • Over-center locking 

Different Types

• Side Mount 
• Under Panel 


Outer V Band (OVG) 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Provide take-up to fit the thrust reverser into a tongue and groove fitting
  • Design to provide adjustment, high preloads and low hand operation  
  • Fan cowl cannot be closed if latch is not fully engaged
  • Over-center locking
  • Dual coil safety springs 
  • Adjustable preloads 
  • Trigger safety lock 
  • High Take-up

Different Types

  • Single handle or folding handle
  • Built in adjustment or separate keeper assembly
  • Flush mounted or internally mounted


Features and Benefits: 

  • Hand operated
  • Flush to application curvature 
  • Automatic closing 
  • Different finishes (painted, brushed aluminum, etc.)
  • Cockpit Decompression

Different Types

  • Curved Overhead Bin 
  • Flat Overhead Bin 
  • Emergency Exit



Door & Access 

Features and Benefits: Door Access

  • Provide excellent shock and vibration characteristics 
  • Exceptional strength to weight ratio 
  • Gasket button in the Over-Center type latch offers superior sealing against internal and external hazards 
  • The button serves as handle and indicator flag in the unlatched position, drilled or punched hole installation 

Different Types

  • Over-Center
  • Self-Closing 
  • Trigger Lock
  • Channel
  • Tool Operated

Pressure Relief

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual purpose latch – Safety and Quick Access 
  • Release loads from 20 lbs. 
  • 100% factory set and tested release loads 
  • No special tools required (only a screwdriver to open)
  • Calibrated compression or torsion spring series 
  • Numerous trigger and bolt offsets available 

Different Types

  • Compression Open Spring 
  • Torsion Open Spring
  • Adjustable Roller Type Closed
  • Adjustable Roller Type Open 
  • Combination Latch 
  • Large Open Spring Latch
  • Cockpit Decompression


Features and Benefits:  Rotary Latches

  • Minimum skin cutouts 
  • High strength to weight ratios 
  • Mechanical lock incorporated in the latch 
  • Reduced envelopes 
  • Conventional operating tools (1/4 square drive)
  • Take-up from 1/8”
  • Incorporate a visual indicator showing if the  latch is open or closed 
  • Ultimate loads from 1,500 lbs.
  • Water proof latches available 

Different Types

  • Under panel mounted 
  • Side mounted




Features and Benefits:  Keepers

  • Mold line adjustable with latch in toggle, under load
  • Insures proper preload Keepers all
  • No special tools required (only a hex wrench or screwdriver)
  • Ultimate tension loads up to 20,000 lbs. 

Different Types

  • Front Mounted 
  • Side Mounted 
  • Rear Mounted
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