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First Choice for Quality Latching Systems
Hartwell's mission is to remain the industry's first choice in the design and manufacture of quick access latching systems for aircraft, and the first company that aircraft engineers call on for design assistance on all new latching applications.
Remote engine nacelle latching system — A380
Hartwell’s remotely operated pin/hook latch system provides a way to
quickly latch and unlatch the A380 Aft Core Cowl...

  Nacelle hold-open & rate control rods
The nacelle was being designed for GE C34-10A engines destined for use aboard the ARJ-21. The customer required a nacelle hold-open/close system that met stringent weight, strength, rate-control and durability standards.

Crew escape hatch
& handle

The customer was developing a state-of-the-art crew escape door for the Boeing 787. The escape hatch, an inward
opening plug-type pressure-only door constructed from monolithic high speed machined aluminum with discrete stops, is intended as an emergency exit for the flight crew and is accessed from both inside and outside the airplane.
Boeing 737 pressure relief door
Hartwell engineers evaluated the basic production process and improved the assembly of the Pressure Relief Door
by machining the door instead of casting it...

Remote engine nacelle latching system — B787
Hartwell’s remotely operated pin/pawl latch system provides a way
to quickly latch and unlatch the Boeing 787 thrust reverser c-ducts.
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