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We Exist to Innovate Great Solutions 


Hartwell brings you state-of-the-art on-time engineering, manufacturing, and aftermarket support. Capabilities include: 

  • Design, analysis, and product development 
  • Testing and reporting 
  • Rapid prototyping & 3D Printing
  • Sustaining engineering support 
  • Design validation
  • Innovation
  • Multiple patents

Unlock the Power of Engineering

We provide innovative solutions that are able to handle various materials including Aluminum, Stainless, High Carbon Steels, Titanium and Inconel. We can support low volume and high volume mix requirements. State-of-the-art Manufacturing Capabilities.

  • Horizontal and Vertical Mills
  • Sheet Metal Forming 
  • 5-Axis 
  • Mil-Turns 
  • Swiss


Hartwell has 3 different business units internally that focus on specific markets and customers. Airframe, Propulsion and Diversified.

Our product ranges from standard off the shelf latches, and hinges, to complex highly engineered custom designs to fit the desired application.  


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